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Authentic Asian Voices

What is a sponsorship program?

What forces drove your choices early in your career?

How do you define success?

How has being Asian-American impacted your path?

What was your path to Cargill?

What is one thing everyone should know?

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University of St. Thomas

How did you transition from biology to an MBA?

Tell us about your time at General Mills.

Was General Mills where you decided on supply chain as a career path?

Tell us about your time at Starbucks.

Give us an overview of sourcing and procurement.

Tell us about your holistic approach to category management.

Tell us about how your job impacts sustainability and supplier diversity.

What impact can someone have on sustainability within supply chain?

How do you empower people and their best strengths?

What does your team look like?

How have you developed into your confident authentic self?

Tell us about learning to fail.

How does the AAPI community lift itself up?

How do you support underrepresented communities?

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Asian Leaders Alliance

Career discovery as a refugee and first gen college?

How did you bounce back from layoff?

How did you get involved in ALA?

How do you make networking authentic?

Tell us about founding the RISE ERG at PayPal?

Tell us about your first experience with layoffs?

What advice do you have for young leaders?

What is your leadership style?

Would you be open to talking about mental health?