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Penn’s academics are boosted by its inherent culture and ecosystem of innovation. You name it, if it’s cutting-edge, the University’s faculty—and students—have their hands in it.


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Asian Leaders Alliance

Can a Type B person live a Type A life?

Going from McKinsey to Airbnb?

How did you figure out your priorities in life?

How did your childhood shape who you are today?

How do you bring your authentic self to work?

Tell us about moving out of California?

What's the story behind the Confluent API ERG?

What did you learn at McKinsey?

What did you think you were going to do?

What do ERG leaders need to hear right now?

What do you do at Confluent?

What does Confluent do?

What is something you are proud of building?

Where are you from?

Why did you join Confluent?

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Asian Leaders Alliance
Tembo Health

How do you persuade people to join your adventure?

How have you been impacted by ALA?

On founding the AAPI ERG at Flatiron Health?

Shoutout some people?

Tell us about a proud career accomplishment?

What did you think you were going to do?

What do you do at Tembo Health?

What is Tembo Health?

When did you reconnect with your cultural identity?

Where are you from?

Would you be open to talking about mental health?

Law School

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A GC needs to be a business executive?

How did you become a lawyer?

How did you build your network?

How did you develop your leadership style?

How did you learn to delegate?

How did you stand up to your Asian parents?

How to balance being rebellious and being a lawyer?

What are the realities of being a law firm partner?

What did you do at AmerisourceBergen?

What was it like growing up?

Where are you from?

Why were you successful as a GC?