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Referred by Don Liu

Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC
Amherst College

Are you open to mentoring people?

How did you decide on your legal career path?

How did you make partner?

How do you build meaningful relationships?

Share a case you are proud of?

Tell us about your Amherst liberal arts education?

What did your parents want you to do?

What impact did football have on your career?

What is the Partner Protege Program?

What should AAPI lawyers be doing to grow?

What was it like growing up?

Where are you from?

Who is your mentor?

Why do you care about NAPABA?

Why do you serve on boards?

Why do you work at Buchanan Ingersoll Rooney?

Why should I help when no one helped me?

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Bristol Myers Squibb

Why do you love your company and job?

Tell us about your current role as GC?

How are you active in the Asian legal community?

What brought your parents to the US?

Tell us about your upbringing?

Were there others who looked like you growing up?

Did you work in the family restaurant?

What Chinese dishes do you love cooking?

Tell us about your awakening in college?

Did you feel like an outsider growing up?

Did you know you wanted to be a lawyer in college?

What brought you to the Manhattan DA office?

How did you improve in the DA office?

Were you the first Asian female lawyer in the Manhattan DA office?

How did you transition to in-house?

How did you become GC?

What advice to you have for young lawyers?

How has your litigation experience helped you?

Tell us about the crisis at your company?

How do you get through periods of uncertainty?

What advice do you have for GCs?

How do you advocate for yourself?

How do you find courage to speak out?

What would your younger self say about you today?