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Columbia University

What was it like growing up?

What brought your parents to the US?

How did your parents transition to the US?

Were you a good student?

How does your name relate to law?

How was religion part of your upbringing and major choice?

What epiphany led you to focus on your studies?

How did soccer play a role in your life?

Why did you not pursue theology?

How did you develop a niche as a law firm associate?

Did you feel othered as an Asian lawyer early on?

Why did you decide to go in-house?

Tell us how you became a GC?

How did networking help your career?

Tell us about your time at Toll Brothers?

Tell us about transitioning to Xerox and how it impacted your family?

Tell us about transitioning to Target?

What advice do you have for job seekers?

How have you learned to become a better GC?

Why is NAPABA important to you?

What is next?