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Mr. Park has successfully represented companies and individuals in every kind of white collar government investigation. He specializes in investigations and trials.


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Columbia University
New York Universtiy

What is Tai Park PLLC's competitive advantage?

What was the most impactful case of your career?

Why is trial work interesting to you?

How did the Alliance for Asian American Justice start?

How did you get into fencing?

Tell us about cofounding your own law firm?

Tell us about the experience of selling your firm?

Tell us about your early career journey?

Describe the lateral from government to law firm?

What was it like growing up?

Did you deal with pressure from your Asian parents?

What would you say to young Asian American lawyers?

Where are you from?

Why did you decide to become a lawyer?

Why did you decide to join the private sector?

Did you face any challenges in starting your firm?

Did your parents impact your career decisions?