Connect early and often with the talent that you want. We will build your college and diversity talent pipeline to meet the demands of all your business units.

We lower the barrier to engaging with talent. Host virtual events through Homi to reach and engage with future grads, interns and experienced individuals from around the country.

Develop genuine connections with talent. Engage with people who truly passionate about the work that you do. Connect with them through personal conversation and find your future employees today.


Discover the individuals that you need to build your business. Homi expands your recruiting reach and helps you build your brand across colleges, universities, diversity groups and special interest groups from around the country.

We enable you to develop a personable recruiting approach that allows you to connect with the talent that you want. Effortlessly share your story, the problems you are solving and build real relationships with your candidates.

We make connecting with people easy and people matter when you’re building a business. Our platform delivers a personal approach to recruiting which means you can connect to people who really care about the work you are doing.

Diversity Groups

Create a space where you can seamlessly support each other. Homi provides you with a single place where you can build professional relationships regardless of place and time.

Homi allows you to provide your diversity group with the professional opportunities that you have while also exploring the opportunities from the businesses recruiting on our platform.

Sharing professional advice with your diversity group has never been easier through our one-to-many stories or our event hosting features.

Homi is free for all diversity groups. Connecting with your diversity group shouldn't cost you anything and we’re here to make sure that stays true.

Higher Education

Create a place for your community to connect all the time.

Homi is not another job board. Your community will be able to gain real insight into companies recruiting on Homi by learning about the problems companies are solving and the future they are creating.

Homi is free and easy to use for all higher education institutions.

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