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University of Michigan

Benefits of starting your career at a firm?

Did you ever consider the law firm partner route?

Going from individual contributor to manager?

How can individual contributors help lead?

How did you balance being both a Mom and a lawyer?

How did you become the GC for BMO USA?

How did you end up at BofA in Charlotte?

How did you overcome being an introvert?

How do you build a talent community?

How do you decide if a company is right for you?

How do you find the true culture of a company?

How do you give candid feedback to team members?

How has NAPABA impacted your career?

How to be an authentic AANHPI female leader?

Turning down a promotion that is not right for you?

What brings you joy?

What did your parents think about your careerpath?

Where are you from?

Why are NAPABA workshops helpful?

Why did you join FIS?