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Northwestern University

What is your personal history?

What was left behind in India?

Were there others who looked like you growing up?

Did you face tough times growing up?

How did you cope and adapt to the US?

Tell us about your experience with ROTC?

How did your parents feel about the military?

Tell us about your time in the military?

Did you ever feel othered in the military?

Tell us about getting your law degree?

Did you ever consider staying in the military?

What did you learn from being in a law firm?

Did you think about a career in a law firm?

Tell as about your transition to in-house?

Tell us about your work as as a GC?

How do you advocate for yourself?

Tell us about your company acquisition?

What comes naturally to you as a GC?

What doed not come naturally to you as a GC?

What skills do you transfer from your military training?

Should GCs have good relations with their CEOs?

What is next?