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Asian Leaders Alliance
San Diego State University

How did you break into product management?

How did you find out about ALA?

How did you get where you are at PayPal?

How did you learn to navigate complex organizations?

How have you dealt with mental health struggles?

Is there an AAPI leader who has impacted you?

What advice do you have for getting into product management?

What are you working on at PayPal?

What does a product managager need to know?

What does it feel like to build something used by millions?

What does the AAPI ERG space need more of?

What have you learned in product management?

What is the PayPal AAPI ERG like?

What was your early career like?

Where are you from?

Why do you love to learn?

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Asian Leaders Alliance

How did you get comfortable being on stage?

How did you get interested in engineering?

How did you learn to have focus and discipline?

How did your upbringing shape your career?

How has ALA developed?

How has the immigrant experience shaped you?

How have you managed your mental health?

How is ALA unique?

How was ALA founded?

What do you do?

What is a career win you are proud of?

What was your college experience like?

When did you become interested in your cultural heritage?

Where are you from?

Why is ALA so inclusive?