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What Diversity & Inclusion means to us.

Over the last three years of working in the campus recruiting space, we’ve been fortunate enough to meet with heads of talent and VPs of talent acquisition. It’s given us the opportunity to work with thought leaders in the space and be on the front lines as conversations around diversity and inclusion move forward. We sat down as a company to have an open and transparent conversation about what it means to be diverse and inclusive. Here are the three things that mean the most to us.

First off, we believe that there is no diversity without inclusion.

You can make your workforce more diverse by hiring individuals that will fulfill certain quotas. However, if those new employees do not feel included in the workplace, they will leave. Whenever someone joins our company, we make an effort to understand them and their culture. Something we pride ourselves on is exploring culture through cuisine and taking the time to listen. True understanding is a two way street; both sides need to have a genuine desire to get to know each other.

Inclusion is not an action. It’s a mindset.

We foster a culture in which learning new things is exciting and something we love to do. At Homi we recognize the importance of hiring the right people, not just the right skills. What we really look for is people with insatiable intellectual curiosities. We want our team to constantly examine the status quo, pushing the boundaries on commonly accepted ideas.

We are aligned behind a common desire to change the world for the better.

At Homi, we’re building communities within communities. We’re creating a culture where young people talking to older people is not awkward or called networking. It’s just getting to know them, listening to their stories, and building genuine relationships.

- The Homi Team